Leave a Legacy

Your commitment to our Jewish community and the Jewish people is evident in everything you do – the responsibility you take, the care you give, and the values you teach. Now you can extend your commitment. You can inspire the next generation and the generations after that. You can make a connection to the future.

That connection begins with your legacy. Your charitable legacy gift to one or more local Jewish organizations will secure the future of our local community, the Jewish education of our children, the health and well-being of our aging population, and the traditional Jewish values that have helped build a strong and caring community for your family. It can, if you desire, be designated to build the Israel/Diaspora partnerships that will enhance and secure the future of all Jews, wherever they live. A planned gift can be of great benefit in taxation and estate planning as a way to express your commitment of tikkun olam — repairing the world.


LIFE&LEGACY is a high-quality, results-oriented, program for the benefit of our community’s agencies, day schools, organizations and synagogues. Click here to learn more.

Lifetime Gifts

If you have sufficient assets to donate without endangering your lifestyle or your family and you can use the tax benefits now, you can establish an endowment during your lifetime and have the opportunity to see the impact of your generosity.

Testamentary Gifts

Many people choose to make gifts effective at their deaths, and there are many ways to make such gifts. You can make a gift as a bequest in your will or by designating the Jewish Community Foundation as beneficiary of an IRA. The Jewish Community Foundation can be named as beneficiary on a life insurance policy. You can make the Foundation the beneficiary of a specific asset such as a mutual fund or real estate. However such gifts are made, you can specify how the gift is to be used in a Legacy Plan on file at the Foundation. More information on Legacy Plans below. The easiest way to create a lasting legacy without the risk of outliving your assets is to include a bequest in your will.

For more information on charitable bequests, click here.

Life Income Gifts

For some people, especially older adults, one of the best ways to make a legacy gift to the Jewish community is to make a gift that ensures them income for the remainder of their lives. You can, for example, establish a charitable gift annuity with the Foundation, specifying how any remainder is to be used, and receive an income for life that is often larger, sometimes much larger, than you could receive with any other guaranteed income source. Through a charitable gift annuity, you can do well by doing good, a win-win situation.

Legacy Plans

A legacy plan is a document that clearly states how you wish your legacy gift to be used. Your legacy is designed by you to accomplish what you want to achieve with your legacy gift. If you plan to make, or have made, a legacy gift to support any Jewish organization or for a specific area of interest, please contact the Foundation to create your Legacy Plan. This will ensure that your gift is used as you intend it to be used.