Federation LIFE&LEGACY Honor Roll


“Deeds of giving are the very foundation of the world.”

-Pirke Avot 1:3



We thank the following donors for their participation in the Grinspoon LIFE&LEGACY program for completing a Letter of Intent to help secure the Federation future through legacy giving.

Elaine and Lee Marcus

Ellen and Phil Singer

Ellen Michelson and Mike Giarla

Eric and Tal Wittle

Gary and Abby Zarkin

Jeff Collins and Rose Mills

Jennifer Rudinger

Jill Madsen

Jimmie and Carol Haynes

Judith and Lewis Siegel

Jonathan Dayan

Larry and Nancy Rocamora

Lisa Brachman and Robert Roubey

Marilyn and Peter Ornstein

The Grinspoon LIFE&LEGACY program began January 2017.  Legacy Gifts noted here only reflect those who have completed Letters of Intent between January 2017 and September 2017.  We also recognize the numerous other legacy gifts that were established by donors to support the Federation prior to this program.  Together we are creating a stronger tomorrow.