Donor Spotlight

Meet the Robboys


At the core of Jewish tradition is an ongoing appreciation of the past – learning from our yesterdays to make a better today and tomorrow.

Two people who can testify to that are Stanley and Marion Robboy, members of our local Jewish community for over 25 years. As they have shared with many newcomers to Durham and Chapel Hill, the community of today has come a long way in the last two decades.

“Our Jewish Community was very small when we first arrived in North Carolina. We knew it was our responsibility to help the community grow and support the next generation

Throughout their time in North Carolina, the Robboys have been integral in transforming the community into the vibrant one of today. But more than that, they have embodied the belief that giving helps those not only in the present but creates a foundation for those to come. “As members of the Jewish community we have a responsibility to support our community, here and beyond.”

“We encourage people to follow in our footsteps.”