Jewish Community Relations Council

The Mission of the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation is to:

  • Develop and foster constructive relationships among people of all faiths and cultures regarding Jewish issues; and
  • Energize and serve as a voice of our diverse community on issues of public policy, social advocacy and community outreach.

Through outreach, educational forums, inter-faith or inter-cultural dialogues, hosting or joint sponsorship of events, and initiating or joining statements on issues of concern to our community, the JCRC strives to:

  • Promote equality of opportunity and full civil rights and civil liberties for Jewish and other racial, religious and ethnic groups;
  • Encourage amicable relationships, mutual understanding and respect among various groups;
  • Help create and maintain conditions that are conducive to encouraging the continuity and vitality of Jewish living in a pluralistic society;
  • Protect and strengthen the rights and interests of the Jewish community;
  • Combat anti-Semitism and every other form of racism or group prejudice;
  • Assist the Federation Board on drafting and issuing statements on issues of public concern.

As a representative organization of the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill and our area’s diverse Jewish community, the JCRC offers a range of Jewish activities, issues and programs reflecting the concerns, needs and aspirations of our community.

The JCRC will be an active force and catalyst that improves relations with the larger community and promotes justice.

The Chair of the Jewish Community Relations Council is Rhoda Silver, and is managed by Phil Seib.

If you’d like to learn more about the Jewish Community Relations Council please contact Lana Onypchuck at